BlackBerry PlayBook USBIf you’ve always thought that your BlackBerry PlayBook didn’t have enough memory, fret not – a solution is here. Remember the Dingleberry rooting method? Well, some folks have discovered some interesting new uses for their BlackBerry tablet. First off we had the ability to install the Android Market and run Android apps, now someone managed to figure out how to enable USB host access on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

This means that instead of filling up the tablet’s memory with all your music and movies, you’ll now be able to store your media on a separate thumb drive which you can just plug into the tablet. Talk about convenient, not to mention useful, since you’ll be able to use your tablet for only storing important files while you can use a thumb drive for unimportant things like movies and music.

It looks like the PlayBook just got a lot better after the launch of Dingleberry. It makes you wonder why RIM didn’t make these functions available out of the box instead – wouldn’t it have been a better tablet then? Check out the video demonstration:

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