Beats and Monster did come together for a few years, and their partnership has been financially fruitful to say the least. Unfortunately, all good things do come to an end eventually, and the Beats Headphones partnership is no more as the 5-year deal has reached its expiry date. Theirs was a formidable “marriage”, having dominated 53% of the $1 billion a year headphone market in 2011 alone, and Businessweek says that they see the potential of such a cash cow and want the bigger portion for themselves, and since no amicable solution can be reached concerning which party should be on the receiving end of more credit for the range’s success, a trip down Splitsville is inevitable. Synergy is always better in my opinion, and this split might just leave both for the poorer. Of course, those who want to stick to the analogy of a marriage would say not all marriages are successful no matter how happy everything looks on the surface. Which would you side with in the new landscape?

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