Bracketron GreenZero chargersIf you’re looking for ways to lighten your electricity bill each month, you might want to watch out for appliances that consume standby power. In case you didn’t know, there are some appliances that consume power as long as they are plugged in – even if the switch is off. This is known as standby power or vampire power and while usually not a lot of energy is consumed, it adds up over time. The only way to ensure that these devices don’t steal power is to unplug them every time they’re not in use.

While this is a viable option, most people are generally too lazy to do so. Bracketron’s GreenZero mobile chargers are designed to help solve this issue. While they are only useful for your mobile devices, it is one step towards a lighter electricity bill, seeing how chargers are usually left plugged into sockets all the time.

Bracketron’s Mushroom GreenZero and Stone GreenZero chargers help you keep your iOS devices and microUSB-connected mobile devices charged and save electricity by automatically turning themselves off when they’re done charging. Once turned off, the chargers don’t use any electricity, and will even increase the lifespan of your battery, seeing how they won’t be overcharged.

Prices for the chargers will start from $22.56 and Bracketron will be showing off these GreenZero chargers along with the Stone Battery (a mini portable power supply) at CES 2012 next week.

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