There is nothing quite like joining the military and defending your country from external threats (and perhaps even internal ones), so why not hook up with the world’s mos advanced military while you are at it? Invisible cloaks, inflatable tourniquets – you name it, the US Army’s got it. What is up next DARPA’s (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) sleeves? We are looking at the Nano Air Vehicle, and the moment we heard about it, we went, “What?!?” Yes sir, this is not exactly something that can easily be described using words, but we will still try to do our best. Currently under development by AV, the Nano Air Vehicle was specially designed to see action in urban surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

How does it intend to go about its business? Through mimicking the biology of a hummingbird, enabling it to hit impressive statistics including a hover endurance of eight minutes without the help of any external power source, not to mention its latent ability to fly indoors and out while making the transition easily between the two. It can also be controlled via the live video stream from an aircraft, and is stable enough to even make flight runs under windy conditions. To raise the realism level by a notch, it resembles an actual hummingbird to throw the suspicion of being spied upon elsewhere, unless, of course, the person it is spying on realizes that there is no hummingbird population in his/her geographical area.

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