OveradeIf you ride a bicycle, you probably understand how annoying it can get to carry a helmet around if you’re afraid of it getting stolen when you leave it outdoors with your vehicle. Well, the folks over at Agency 360 have come up with an invention that will make your life easier. Designed back in 2010 but going into production this year, the Overade is the helmet just for you.

When it’s not sitting on your head and protecting your precious skull from any unfortunate accidents, the Overade helmet can easily fold up to a shape that easily fits in your palm. While it’s not exactly tiny, it’s small enough to stuff into a bag to forget about until you need to pull it out again to ride your bike. It is also touted to offer as much protection as a standard helmet, so no worries about safety there. No mention of pricing or availability, but it should go on sale sometime this year.

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