Since everyone is big on going green these days, it makes perfect sense that as we upgrade our computers once every few years to keep up with the times, what do we do with all the old stuff? An enterprising person decided to take an abandoned sound card alongside other computer parts, and fashioned a Computer Sound Card Circuit Board Desk Clock, slapping a $24.99 price point to it after that. The circuit board itself has seen better days, when it occupied an ISA slot back in its day, which means what you hold in your hands, should you decide to get it, is a piece of computing history that dates back 15 years thereabouts. As for the clock’s face, it was once the part of an old network server hard drive. The desk stand itself is made out of recycled acrylic – now, if only this thing is powered by a solar panel, that would truly make it one green device that does not add to our already overcrowded landfills.

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