Apple logoShanghai is the new venue where Apple’s trademark dispute will take place, as a Shanghai court will deliberate a request by Proview to stop the sale of iPads throughout one of the most prosperous cities in China tomorrow. The gist of the case is this – Proview Technology of Shenzhen claims that they own the iPad trademark in China, and a Shenzhen court actually ruled in its favor last December. Since then, it has allowed Proview to take many ways in removing or stopping the sales of Apple’s iPads in that part of the world with varying levels of success. Proview even petitioned to cease all export of iPads from China, which if it actually goes through, would prove to be a massive blow to Cupertino considering how China is a major production base for the iPad in addition to a slew of other iOS-powered devices.


Apple has their own ammunition up their sleeves of course, and might not be too worried about Wednesday’s outcome since it will take several months for a judgment to pass, and Apple can always appeal their case should they lose. Who do you think will emerge winner from this rather bitter conflict?

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