While the Apple vs Android patent war is still ongoing, it seems to have been overshadowed these days by the trademark battle between Apple and Chinese company, Proview Technology over the iPad trademark. At the moment the lawsuit is taking place in China, but now it looks like Proview could take the legal battle into the US courts as well.


The company is alleging that Apple established a “fake company” in order to acquire the iPad trademark for 35,000 GBP (~$55,000), and these are the allegations that Proview plans to sue Apple over in the US courts and are reportedly in the process of choosing between three different US law firms.

While Apple maintains that they have the ownership over the iPad trademark, Proview is claiming otherwise, stating that despite Apple’s claims of purchasing the trademark through Proview’s Taiwanese subsidiary, Proview’s Shenzhen company did not agree to the sale, and in their view making the sales null and void.

While we’re not sure what Apple plans to do about this, at the moment Chinese authorities are seizing iPads over in China over the trademark dispute, and things can only get a whole lot messier if it were to spill over into the US courts.

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