If there is one thing I have learned, books, especially textbooks in higher learning institutions, do fetch a handsome price if they are brand new, which explains the rather thriving second hand market. Well, we have seen our fair share of weird vending machines in the past, but here is a novel take on an old idea – a vending machine that sells books depending on what you are willing to fork out. A Brazilian company has just released a range of vending machines which will sell books without setting a concrete price beforehand, letting you – the customer, decide on just what you want to fork out for that particular tome. Of course, it is not exactly free since you will need to place at least 2 BRL inside (converted to around $1.17) before you can lay hands on the book you want. It seems that “sales at the promotional machines had already more than doubled within just over a month after the program’s launch, and most purchases are indeed paid with a BRL 2 note.” Any idea whether anyone thinks they should fork out for more than the bare minimum?

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