Apple’s efforts to ban the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 has hit a snag, as the reworked version which is known as the Galaxy Tab 10.1N has just been given the go ahead by a German court to hit store shelves. The redesign of Samsung’s tablet was a move by the South Korean manufacturer to find ways to bypass a sales ban which was imposed by a German court in September last year, and Apple, obviously not too happy with the outcome, decided to challenge the new version – and lost.

The state court in Duesseldorf mentioned that there were “clear differences” between the Galaxy Tab 10.1N and the iPad, although the tinted glasses which Apple sees through probably do not notice said differences. The long courtroom drama does not seem to end as both behemoths slug it out, but ultimately, don’t you think that a particular manufacturer should have more than enough confidence in one’s products that even if its competitors are “inspired”, those will not measure up to the original? I am glad that the Galaxy Tab 10.1N got the nod in Germany, it would be a pity if Apple were to suffocate all the other companies and exercise a monopoly on this genre of device worldwide. We consumers win out in the end if companies were given a fair chance against one another, as they will do their utmost best to deliver the ultimate device that technology can provide at that time.

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