Right now, hybrids tend to have the upper hand on the road compared to fully electric vehicles, simply because there is always the option to fuel up whenever you run low on gas, and finding a gas station nearby has a far higher probability compared to looking for an electric car charging outlet. Until the range of electric cars and battery life are improved dramatically, it will still take some time before the markets fully accept them. Having said that, how about a solar powered car? This would make sense in countries that are located near or along the equator, since they get plenty of sunshine all year round. The concept that you see above is definitely drool-worthy, where it is constructed from an aluminum structure with flexible thin-film solar panels wrapped around it. At the back, it will fold up so that the driver is able to squeeze into the center. Definitely looking like a Batman with a pet weekend project, there is no point cruising down town in this to pick up a hot date since there is only room for one person inside.


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