We’re not usually in the habit of covering clothing since we can hardly be described a fashion blog, but when the clothes come with built-in LEDs and a remote control, well that’s a whole different story, and such is the case with this pair of steampunk inspired lace and jeweled heels that features it own set of LEDs and with a remote control that allows the wearer to change the colors whenever they like.


The remote control allows the user to turn the lights on and off, adjust brightness, and with over 16 colors to and 5 different “actions” (i.e. slow/fast fading of the lights, strobing, etc) to choose from, there’s a good chance you might never get bored of wearing them. The sides of the heels are trimmed with silver thread which helps to power the LEDs, and each heel will sport its own charger with rechargeable batteries that can apparently be recharged over 250 times.

We’re not sure how often or  when you would ever need to wear such heels, but if there’s a steampunk themed party you plan to attend, or if you’d like to start stocking up on costumes for Halloween, hop on over to The Ratchet and Cog’s Etsy page where you will be able to order these steampunk heels for $180.

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