The Greatest Toy In The UniverseIf you’re looking for “The Greatest Toy in the Universe”, look no further. The folks over at Wow! Stuff have come up with may possibly be the greatest toy in existence. At the moment it doesn’t have a name (we’ll get to that later) but we’re pretty sure it’s what every boy wanted when he was a kid. It is a six-legged, multi-directional, remote-controlled robot that features customizable armor and weaponry. Launchers can tilt and turn; and you can even choose how hard a projectile is fired out. Attachable armor can fall off when hit, giving the appearance of damage on the battlefield – great for robot battles.

However, Wow! Stuff has a problem right now. The company doesn’t have a name for the robot yet, and they can’t possibly sell it without one. So they’re hosting a naming competition for the toy – all you have to do is head here, and if your submission is selected, you win a free “The Greatest Toy in the Universe”. If naming isn’t so much your thing and you’d rather design, you could also win a robot for yourself by coming up with armor for it. Check out the promo videos for “The Greatest Toy in the Universe” below:

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