Hong Kong shipping industry billionaire Anto Marden commissioned the Adastra Superyacht to be constructed by John Shuttleworth, a boat builder in China five years ago. His plans which reportedly seemed like wishful thinking at the time have seemed to come to fruition now. On Friday, the Superyacht was launched in China’s Pearl River. The $15 million yacht which can be controlled with an iPad from a range of 164ft is said to be used by the owners to travel between two Indonesian islands that they allegedly own.


The yacht measures 139.5 x 52.5 feet and weights 47 tonnes. It can hit a top speed of 22.5 knots, but at its optimum speed of 17 knots, it can cover a distance of 7,408km or 4,000 nautical miles. The seaworthy mode of transport is made from a glass and Kevlar foam sandwich material, a superstructure made up of carbon fire with a honeycomb core and other weight-saving considerations which have also helped streamline the yacht. The trimaran can achieve a fuel economy of 24 gallons per hour at 13 knots or 32 gallons per hour at 17 knots.

Some of the other additions to the yacht are a full-width master cabin with access from the deck saloon, two further guest cabins which all have luxury bathrooms attached, additional quarters for the craft’s six possible crew members, sauna, stream bath and whirlpool. On top of the 6 crew members, the Adastra Superyacht can accommodate another 9 guests comfortably in the seemingly narrow quarters. While this is not the first iPad-controllable yacht, this one does look a bit more futuristic than the previous one we reported about.

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