Apple logoBoth Apple and Chinese company Proview have been battling it out in the Chinese courts for quite a while over the alleged iPad trademark infringement. However it looks like Apple and Proview have decided that it might have gone on long enough and have since started talks to arrive at some form of settlement.


Unfortunately the details of the settlement were not revealed, but one of the attorneys representing Proview, Ma Dongxiao, confirmed that both the companies were in talks.

This came at a recommendation by the Chinese courts who told Apple and Proview that they should find a way to resolve the dispute themselves, much like how Apple and Samsung have been ordered in the US to attend settlement talks.

For those who aren’t aware of the situation, Proview has accused Apple of infringing upon the iPad trademark which they claim belongs to them.

Apple on the other hand claims that they bought the trademark from a Proview subsidiary a few years back, therefore it technically belongs to them. Obviously based on the situation now, both companies refused to budge and change their stance, but hopefully these settlement talks will yield something positive for both companies.

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