A while back, American Airlines announced their plan to introduce the iPad to its pilots. This would help replace the flight bags that pilots usually bring aboard the plane that contains charts and manuals which are extremely heavy. Well the FAA has since recognized that the iPad is an incredibly useful tool that not only increases efficiency, but has also lowered costs in the process. This has prompted them to not only expand the use of the iPad, but are currently toying with the idea of launching its own app store for aviation-specific software. Come 2014, the FAA also plans to offer their workers the option of replacing their laptops with iPads and they are also hoping to expand the use of the iPad to trainers and students in the near future. Unfortunately this still does not mean that we as passengers get to use our iPads during takeoff and landing, but those are scenarios that the FAA is currently taking a look at which could lead to the relaxation of those rules.

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