Parents, in a world where tablets, computers, smartphones and portable media players run rampant, safe to say your kids will no doubt find access to one of those. While protecting your kids from the dangers of the internet is one thing, what about when it comes to listening to audio? You might provide your kids with headphones or earphones, but since your kids don’t know the safety levels, they might damage their hearing by listening to music too loud. The good news is that Griffin and Crayola has announced the availability of MyPhones, a pair of kids-friendly headphones that was announced earlier this year at CES.

MyPhones are essentially a set of headphones and earbuds that has been designed for kids in mind. The volume of these headphones have been set at 85dB which is apparently the maximum level recommended by auditory health organizations worldwide. What this means is that while your kids can turn down the volume, the max that they can crank it up to, and the max that the headphones will output will be at a safe 85dB. MyPhones will come in a headphone design that comes with stickers that your kids can customize their headphones with, or as a set of earbuds that has been shaped to look like a crayon.

The earbuds version of MyPhones is expected to retail for $14.99, while the headphones version will retail for a slightly more expensive $24.99. [Product page]

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