Apple wanting to see stores in the US devoid of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 is nothing new to the tech-community. And after the US appeals court granted the company the green light to seek an injunction against the tablet last week, it seems that Apple has gone ahead and filed for it. While the Cupertino tech-giant has been successful in getting the tablet banned in Germany, it is yet to be successful in that same endeavor in the US. However, Florian Muller from Foss patents says that this time, Apple may end up getting the tablet banned.


“Apple’s motion is fairly likely to succeed. If and when it does, there will be formal US bans in place against all three of leading Android device makers. Also on Friday, the ITC ordered a US import ban against Motorola’s Android-based devices (to the extent those infringe a particular Microsoft patent), and in December, the US trade agency also banned HTC’s products that infringe a particular Apple patent – as a result, the two HTC product rollouts just got delayed.

With the US Customs related fiasco just getting sorted out, it seems that the discussions between Apple and Samsung will also be beginning this week on yet another case related to patents for both Android and Apple devices. By the way things are going it seems that things are starting to heat up again but hopefully when they sit down to try and iron the bumps out, it will make for a more peaceful environment. What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 being banned in the US? Would you be happy with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N like Germany has?

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