We know that Apple is currently in settlement talks with Chinese company Proview over the alleged trademark infringement dispute. According to Proview’s lawyer, Apple had supposedly made an offer to the company for an undisclosed sum of money, but it seems that it was too low for Proview’s liking. So just how much are we talking about here? According to a report by Chinese publication Sina, Apple is rumored to have offered Proview $16 million to settle the issue once and for all. However Proview rejected that offer and claimed that it was too low.


For most of us, $16 million would be able to last us a lifetime, but apparently Proview is about $400 million in debt with several Chinese banks so we can understand why they would think that the $16 million offer is too low. Will Apple eventually cave and offer Proview a lot more to get them out of debt ($400 million is still a lot less than the original $2 billion that Proview demanded), or do you think they’ll meet halfway? Either way we’re sure that Proview’s creditors will probably just end up taking whatever they can get.

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