Those living in Nevada, Las Vegas, might soon be surrounded by the common sight of driverless cars that have already received the license to be tested on the streets as well as highways. Google was on the receiving end of the first license today from the state Department of Motor Vehicles, and it is believed that this is the first of its kind to be issued in the country. Just last year, legislature was passed in the US that enabled the permit testing of driverless cars, although state regulations point towards a person being required to station behind the wheel, as well as having one in the passenger’s seat during the testing period. I suppose this is just in case Murphy’s Law strikes, and something goes awry, don’t you think so?

Tom Jacobs, a DMV spokesman, mentioned, “It’s still a work in progress. The system regulates the brakes, accelerator and steering.” Google has already equipped at least 8 set of wheels in their test fleet which comprises of half a dozen Toyota Priuses, an Audi TT and a Lexus RX450h. To know whether the vehicle is a driverless car, the license plates issued will feature a red background as well as an infinity symbol that is located on the left side. Google intends to market the driverless technology to auto manufacturers in the future, where artificial intelligence software is combined with a global positioning system (GPS) as well as an array of sensors. Something tells me the network that powers such a system ought to be more or less foolproof, or at least extremely secure, otherwise havoc can happen should someone hack into the system and be mischievous with it.

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