lawsuitFor those of you who have been diligently following the tech scene, you’re no doubt aware that Motorola and Microsoft are embroiled in a patent infringement lawsuit. Motorola managed to get the upper hand with the German courts ruling in their favor and ultimately imposing an injunction for some of Microsoft’s products. Well the good news if you’re living in the US and are worried about seeing Microsoft products pulled off the shelves, fret not as US Judge James Robart has declined to lift an order that prevents Motorola from enforcing their injunction against Microsoft’s products.


Judge Robart claims that if the injunction were to be enforced, it could impact the negotiations between both companies. However he also mentioned that he could revisit the order should the circumstances change. Naturally Microsoft was pretty pleased by the judge’s decision and the ruling is expected to be made in the next couple of weeks. In any case we hope that both companies can work something out as the last thing both companies need is a long and drawn-out legal battle ala Samsung versus Apple.

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