Whoever said that Twitter was just meant to chat with your friends in 140 characters or less in a fast and painless manner, in addition to knowing just what your entire posse is up to? Blur, the British band that is still hanging around, has wholeheartedly embraced technology to the fullest by announcing that they will debut a couple of their latest songs over a live Twitter video stream this July 2nd at 6.15pm.

Blur will perform ‘Under The Westway’ and ‘The Puritan’ then over the digital channel, where both songs were specially written for their upcoming sold-out Hyde Park gig that is happening this August 12th. It is performed live from a secret UK location so that no fans will hang around and disrupt the session, and the whole world can check out Twitter.com/blurofficial at 6.15pm for the official debut.

Will Blur be the last musician to use Twitter as a debut platform, or are they at the brink of something revolutionary? Only time and future history will tell. Hopefully there will be no Twitter outages on that day.

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