When it comes to going green, how often do you wish that your headphones/ear-buds were recyclable? Admittedly it’s not a common thought but we guess every bit helps, right? Well if you’re interested in lending a hand and help save the environment, the folks at Griffin have taken the wraps of a set of ear-buds dubbed the “WoodTones”. As the name itself has suggested, these are a set of ear-buds that have been made with reclaimed wood from other manufacturing processes that might have otherwise been burned or dumped at a landfill.

It also serves a more audiophile purpose because thanks to the wood used, the WoodTones ear-buds help to accentuate vocals and bass while improving sound volume, thus allowing listeners to enjoy their music at lower volumes – at least that’s what Griffin is claiming. However given that wood tends to be the preferred choice when it comes to audio devices like speakers, we guess it’s not a complete stretch of the imagination. The ear-buds sport 8mm neodymium magnet drivers and comes with a carry pouch made from hemp fiber to complete the whole “green” ensemble. Customers can expect to pay $29.99 for them. [Product page]

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