As a kid, how did you feel when your mom told you to make your bed every single morning? Of course, she has her good reasons in asking you to do so, and discipline is definitely one of them. Surely if you were that same kid today, you would have the Smart Bed on your wishlist for Christmas. Just take a look at the video above, and don’t tell me that this is not something that induces a “Shut up and take my money already!” syndrome in you. When the bed-making mechanism activates itself, there will be a lid on each side of the bed that opens up. Following that, a mechanical arm accompanied by a couple of rollers will emerge on each side at the foot of the bed. The magic continues as the arm will pull the duvet up to the bed’s head, and when the cord is fully extended, said arm will descend, and the lid closes.

The video does look a little bit creepy, and I suppose if the girl glared at the camera with a diabolical face, it would definitely scare the heck out of me. Glad to know that the bed itself has a built-in safety mechanism that ensures the entire bed making process does not kick off if it detects someone is still in bed. The question is, what is the minimum size of the person before he/she becomes undetectable? No idea if a really whacked out bed after a vigorous pillow fight will still be able to be restored to its pristine condition, though.

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