In late June 2023, I had a fascinating conversation with AIGEM, an emerging South Korean healthcare company led by CEO Young Goo Lee. Founded a bit more than a year ago in January 2022, AIGEM has already heralded what they term the “4th industrial revolution”: products embedded with AI and Cloud-based Big Data right from their inception. Other companies have a different definition of “4th industrial revolution.”

Imagine lying on a bed, not just any bed, but one that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. That’s the AIGEM-Y300, a radical departure from its more conventional predecessor, the AIGEM-Y200. This bed doesn’t just offer a place to rest; it is supposed to act, think, and react.

As you recline, the bed senses your posture, adjusting itself to prevent the occurrence of pesky bedsores, thanks to its advanced body pressure sensors. The same sensor can also be used to monitor sleep patterns by monitoring people’s motion. Feeling a bit tense? The Acoustic Resonance Actuators embedded in the bed come to life, offering stress relief. 

If that’s not enough, the bed is also designed to deliver a soothing massage – I’d be very curious to try that! And for those concerned about bone health, the bed utilizes UV light to spur the synthesis of vital vitamin D, a key player in osteoporosis prevention.

One of its most remarkable features is its adaptability. The AIGEM-Y300 isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution but rather a chameleon. Its modular design ensures it can comfortably fit into the rigorous settings of a critical care hospital unit or find its place in more relaxed environments. The choice is up to the user, picking and choosing from the diverse options AIGEM provides.

But it’s not just about comfort. It’s about intelligence. This bed is always alert, constantly gathering data via its suite of sensors, including a thermal sensor. AI and big data join the party, transforming this raw data into invaluable insights for healthcare professionals. In the rare event that something goes awry, the bed doesn’t wait. It autonomously sends an emergency call, ensuring patient safety at every turn.

Intriguingly, the AIGEM-Y300 will also integrate a third-party-developed smart ring, widening its data collection capabilities. Typically these rings can measure things like heart rate and motion, but this is still under development, and the exact capabilities remain to be seen. 

Ease of use hasn’t been sacrificed at the altar of technology. With voice recognition and control, patients and perhaps even medical staff can communicate with the bed, commanding it without needing a tech manual by their side. Moreover, embracing the global pivot towards telemedicine, the bed smoothly facilitates video calls for medical consultations and warm family chats. 

The company’s current strategy is to pursue medical and non-medical uses (like retirement homes). Given the modular nature of the AIGEM-300, it is possible. A medical use is more advanced but requires more government certifications for each country. On the other hand, non-medical uses will likely happen much faster. We’ll have to wait and see its grand unveiling at CES 2024.

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