In summer or winter, where the temperatures are at their extremes, running either the air-con or the heater will result in an astronomical bill. So perhaps instead of relying on either air-con or heater to help give you a better night’s rest, how about a bed that allows you to adjust the temperature of it for an alternative? 

Retailing at 49,800 Yen ($615) seems like an inexpensive way to ensure a cozy night’s rest without the need for additional installations. It works through the use of silicon tubes with 750cc of water pumped into them. The controller will be able to regulate the temperature manually, going up to a maximum of 48 degrees Celsius or as low as 15 degrees Celsius. So for those hot summer nights you can cool your bed down and with the use of a fan, should prove to be pretty comfortable. During winter, crank up the bed’s heat and snuggle under your comforter.

There is an automatic mode whereby the bed will crank itself up to 48 degrees Celsius first, before slowly cooling down to a more suitable temperature. No word on whether this bed will make its way to the States, but it would be pretty cool if it did.

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