“Twitter is already making more money on mobile than on the desktop,” those were the words of Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. At the Economist’s Ideas Economy: Information 2012 today, the CEO mentioned that the majority of its users are on mobile and are even more active than its users on the desktop. “Twitter now has more than 400 million Tweets per day and more than 140 million active users who log in at least once per month,” Costolo said. In April this year, Twitter revealed that with its estimated 140 million users, so far the social site is amassing 340 million tweets a day. The company even went further when it said that, based on its current growth rate, Twitter will most likely reach 200 million users in August.

When asked what is the reason behind Twitter’s success, the CEO explained, “Because tweets are 140 characters, and born of mobile and constrained that way. When we designed the ad platform, our ads would go everywhere tweets go, and the only way is if the ads are tweets. We have an ad platform that is already inherently suited to mobile. Even though we launched the ad platform on the Web already, a couple of weeks ago, we saw mobile revenue in a day greater than non-mobile.” When asked about a potential Twitter IPO, Costolo said that he is not focused on it and that his priority right now is the company and the product.

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