Now here is a vending machine that offers more than just dispensing some goods in exchange for money – in fact, this particular vending machine will also allow one to earn loyalty points. Right now, Japan’s largest loyalty program T-Point is part of the media and retail giant Tsutaya, boasting 46,000 supporting retailers and more than 35 million members. Since this pool highly connected customer base results in plenty of potential for great things to happen, all you need to do is swipe your card, purchase a drink, and even redeem points for other gifts or objects later on.

Japan has ranked at the top of loyalty programs for the longest time already, and this particular vending program has made its way around Japan for some time already, with Cola’s creation of CMode approximately 10 years ago. Dydo, too, has a somewhat similar system, but there is a drawback to this system since the points are confined to just the vending machines alone, but T-Points work differently since they can be redeemed across Japan regardless of where you are. Will we see something like this system appear in the US one day?

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