Most girls have this particular dream of growing up as a princess, and they do wait for their prince to come – whether he is riding on a horse, or comes in the form of a frog that needs a kiss. However, how many of them are willing to be a mermaid and lose the use of their legs instead? After all, my memory does not recall whether there are instances of a male mermaid prince in any fairy tales at all. With the Swimmable Mermaid Tail, your little girl is able to fool herself into thinking that she is a mermaid. Monika Naumann’s creation is made out of a material known as ‘mono fin’, which is supposedly a sturdy and durable swim fabric. These are custom made pieces, so you are able to choose from a wide range of colors that range from orange to bright pink.

They will be textured and will come as luminescent, just as though we are talking about an actual sea maiden. Obviously, mermaids have yet to be proved scientifically, but I guess one’s imagination can go a little bit further. Retailing for approximately $250, it might be rather expensive to some, but at what price will happniess come? I wonder just how fast one is able to swim through the water wearing one of these compared to just using legs.

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