FoxconnIt looks like people in China are just as excited about the next generation iOS device as we are. In fact, some of them are so eager to check it out that they’ve already started up lining up for jobs at the Foxconn plant in Chengdu. According to MIC gadget, despite the heavy rains over the country, thousands of people have been lining up with umbrellas outside the factories just to get a job there for the summer. Judging by the photographs, it sure reminds me of those American Idol auditions where thousands line up in the rain just for a shot at Hollywood except here they’re looking for employment.

In addition to having to stand in the rain, candidates also have to submit a registration fee of 150 Chinese Yuan (about $24) just to apply – that’s a lot of money, considering not everybody will be guaranteed a job. Another requirement for the job is good eyesight, which is understandable when you’re dealing with electronics and tiny components. The new iPad mini and iPhone 5 is rumored to be released later this year, so it would make sense for Foxconn to start production now. Would you line up in the rain to work at Foxconn if it means a peek at the next generation iPad/iPhone?

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