When the mercury rises, 18 vending machines that have been installed in Spain will offer a temporary respite from the sweltering heat with a sweet offer that you cannot refuse – by lowering the price point of its drinks, of course. Spanish marketing agency Momentum is behind this particular idea, having installed 18 vending machines that are capable of monitoring just what kind of temperature is being offered to us humans on that particular day, and this creative product pricing mechanism is good throughout the entire summer period. These are mostly installed in water parks and other attractions throughout Spain, and the vending machines will feature Coca-Cola’s lemonade drink, Limon&Nada.

The temperature and product price will be displayed on an information screen, and depending on just how hot it is at that moment, the price will defer. For instance, at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, a can of lemonade will cost 2 Euros, while within the 77.8-84.2 degrees range, they cost 1.40 Euros, which is a rather massive markdown. When the mercury shoots through the roof at 86 degrees and beyond, you can enjoy your Limon&Nada for just 1 Euro. Interesting idea, but I always thought that drinking water when it is extremely hot is always the best remedy.

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