Remember the case of Mat Honan’s iCloud account being hacked a couple of days ago? Well, Apple has not sat still, and the fruity company decided to pull the plug on one of their support staff’s functions – that is, to stop processing AppleID password changes that are requested over the phone immediately. This bit of information flew onto the Internet thanks to Apple employees who prefer to remain unidentified (for obvious reasons). One of them who knows just what is going on internally informed Wired that the over-the-phone password freeze will not be a permanent solution, but it should last for 24 hours at the minimum. This was done, as some speculate, so that Apple will be able to figure out just what kind of changes need to be made to their iCloud security policies, if any.

I guess it is now no use for you to make a similar attempt at hacking Honan’s iCloud account by using the same exploit on Apple’s system, as any such attempts would surely have left you hitting a brick wall.

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