A bicycle that works simply because you have to run instead of pedal? I am not quite sure just who in their right mind is going to enjoy the Fliz bicycle, but if the idea has been mooted, you know for sure that there are some pretty crazy folks hanging around out there. The Fliz bicycle is redundant, where it lacks pedals of any sort. The only way it is going to run is through the action of you hanging suspended from the frame above, followed by running. Remember the Flintstones’ car when you were a whole lot younger? Well, this is a far lighter version of that, and I guess it is safe to say that you can only seat one.

The Fliz bicycle does seem to look fun only when you are slaloming downhill, but when it comes to uphill slopes, there is no plausible reason other than you wanting to torture your legs. I do not think that the Fliz bicycle is ever going to be a hot ticket item if it were to be mass marketed and produced.

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