Lego builder Peer Kreuger was able to build Lego models of the highly fantasized vehicles from The Dark Knight Rises hit movie. But they are not just your ordinary Lego blocks. That’s because Kreuger was able do motorized versions of the Tumbler as well as of The Bat (well, not totally). Basically, Kreuger’s Tumbler, available in black and brown, have LED lights on them and boy they look amazing.

The Bat on the other hand, seen in the flick as Batman’s favorite ride, is still motorized but doesn’t have the ability to fly. Kreuger has posted images of his latest creations on Lego’s official custom builder website Cuusoo, so that you can vote for the two toy concepts and help make the, a reality for you boys out there. He was also able to prepare a cool and almost-realistic video of the Tumblers and The Bat in action. I got to admit that they pretty much look like the ones used by Bruce Wayne in the movie. Do you agree? Check out the video after the break.

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