When we talk about a ‘Magic Carpet’, most of us would think about some scene in the Arabian desert, where there is this streetwise kid who goes by the moniker Aladdin performing close escapes from the palace guards while managing to capture the most valuable jewel in the kingdom – that of the Sultan’s daughter’s heart. Well, this self-proclaimed magic carpet is far removed from such lofty imaginations, but it is no less a wonder, thanks to the efforts of the folks over at the Polytechnic University who concocted this device. Basically, the Magic Carpet device will give children with leg disabilities the opportunity to be able to experience moving about independently, giving them the chance to practice at the same time.

The team said this about the Magic Carpet, “This device offers preschool children with leg disabilities the chance to experience moving about. Once they become interested in moving in this way, they learn to operate it and move around for themselves. The movement assistive device offers them an opportunity to practice, so when they reach school age they can then make a smooth transition to operating an electric wheelchair.”

It is capable of handling a maximum load of 90kg, so I am quite sure a parent will be able to tag along.

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