We have seen smart homes, smart cars, and smart windows; and many of us use smartphones these days, but what about a smart rubbish bin? The Netherlands will host a bunch of intelligent bins which will require you to present your ID before it accepts rubbish. Not only that, this intelligent robot bin will also inform municipal trucks that they need to be emptied. Just how many of these intelligent bins will be scattered across the Netherlands? We are looking at a cool 6,000 or so units, where green think tank Environmental Resource Management claimed that Gronigen, one of the cities involved in this project, will save £72,000 within the first year of operation while reducing its carbon footprint by 18%.


Just how do these intelligent bins work? An RFID reader is embedded in the lid, where it will open only when one presents a form of ID. The amount of rubbish will then be added to your final bill, although stuff disposed in the recycling pile would be free. I wonder whether some folks are willing to risk dropping non-recyclable stuff into the recycling pile to save on some money.

This is definitely a step up from the LCD-equipped bins in London and Kinect-powered trash can that catches rubbish as you throw it.

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