Custom built remote controlled cars can be quite an expensive hobby, but if you don’t have that much cash to spare, perhaps Griffin’s new line of iOS remote controlled cars might be a much more affordable solution. Griffin’s new offering comes in two flavors – the Moto TC Monster and the Moto TC Racer, with the Monster representing a monster truck, while the Racer represents a smaller, buggy-like racing car. Both cars are controlled via an accompanying iOS app, although the difference is that the Monster will pair with your iOS device using Bluetooth, while the Racer will use an RF sensor plugged into your device’s headphone jack.

For either car, the app will support virtual steering, or the user can tilt their device left or right if they prefer motion-based steering. The Monster offers a bit more features in which the user can setup a pre-made route, so the truck can drive itself without the user having to interact with it (kind of defeats the purpose but we guess to each their own!). If this sounds like a toy you wouldn’t mind owning, the Moto TC Monster is available for purchase for $59.99, while the Moto TC Racer will get priced at $29.99 and will be available mid November.

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