The eternal debate rages on even after this landmark ruling, and I am not referring to Pepsi vs Coke or the Bird vs Johnson, or even Ali vs Foreman, but rather, do mobile phones (smartphones fall under this category too, for that matter) cause cancer in the brain or not? Italy’s Supreme Court has ruled so, citing that they found a ‘causal link’ between 60-year old businessman Innocente Marcolini’s mobile phone use and his brain tumor. Apparently, Innocente used his mobile phone at work for up to half a dozen hours each day – for a good 12 years.

Granted, that is far longer than what the average man on the street would spend on his handset, but then again, can you say that this is not evidence that prolonged exposure to mobile phone use could be a cancer causing agent? Of course, there are also many other factors to take into consideration such as age, genetics, environment, stress levels, the works, but to discount it entirely would be foolhardy. Experts figure out that this landmark ruling would result in even more legal claims to be filed from victims. What do you think, and which side of the fence do you lean on? If you want to remain on the safe paranoid android side, then you might want to explore the use of Bluetrek headsets. Take more calcium in your daily diet too, as there were whispers of radiation from your mobile phone reducing your bone density, too.

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