Paris Motor Show is known to bring out the creative side of the auto manufacturers. These manufacturers venture to showcase their futuristic ideas at the show which often pack some of the most amazing auto-technologies.

This year’s show was no exception as many auto manufacturers showed off some very impressive vehicles. Among these was Nissan’s TeRRA, which is a concept car for now. The car packs hydrogen fuel cells as its fuel source, which come with zero-emissions. But that’s not the most impressive part of this vehicle. It comes with a removable tablet which fits neatly in the place of the dashboard.

The tablet sits neatly behind the wheel and is the only display all over the dashboard. This means that all those multitudes of functions that are often performed by numerous read-outs on the dashboard will be packed into this single tablet.

Moreover, the tablet is also to be used as a hub for the vehicle’s entertainment system. This is probably one of the rare vehicle concepts which we have seen to directly incorporate mainstream mobile gadgets. By taking a tablet and making it a part of the car, the vehicle vendors can very effectively bolster the security of the car as well as the ability to customize it for a user’s specific preferences.

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