Most of our modern day smartphones run on lithium ion batteries, and while advancements have been made to increase the battery capacity so that theoretically, battery life is stretched as well, but smartphone manufacturers tend to negate that advantage by introducing even more energy sapping features and functions in newer devices. How about this – a phone that can be “charged” anywhere in the world, as long as there is some sweetened water, or in this case, Coca-Cola?

This is what Chinese designer Daizhi Zheng has come up with, where he claims to be working on this potentially revolutionary device for Finnish phone giant Nokia, and he has discovered a way to rely on sugar-based drinks such as Coca-Cola to power mobile phones. In fact, Zheng claims that any sugared drink will do, ever sugar-sweetened water. Something tells me that if such a device becomes mainstream, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone will come up with a Coke vs Pepsi battery life challenge. It does remain to be seen whether such an idea is viable in the long run, but if successful, it could prove worthy of being revolutionary. Do you think this is just a pie in the sky dream, or something achievable?

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