We all know that Japan is one country that is unbelievably clean, and the folks there do have a very high regard for the environment. Well, Coca-Cola Japan is doing its part by unveiling a spanking new range of innovative energy-saving vending machines that is known as Peak shift vending machines. These vending machines will be able to shift the use of power for cooling from the general daytime peak demand period to nighttime, where relatively speaking, there is a whole lot less amount of strain which is placed on power supply.

During summer, these machines will be able to provide cooled products for 16 hours – all the while reducing daytime power consumption by a whopping 95%. Power consumption will also be lowered during winter time by 20% compared to current vending machines, and when you merge that with the amount of juice consumed for cooling, we are talking about a potential game changer, being a vending machine that potentially reduces power consumption by 68%. Around 25,000 of these new vending machines will be installed throughout Japan next year.

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