A rock concert is nothing if there are no crazy costumes, loud music, a banging performance and fantastic tunes and riffs, although you are always more than welcome to leave out the bat biting finale. Well, the only way you can get away from wearing strange looking costumes and yet pass off as being perfectly normal or even cool, would be in a music video, or in a concert as a celebrity. Fashion designer Christian Joy might be on to something here, as she is famous for her eclectic range of stage costumes for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and recently she was challenged by silicon giants Intel to come up with something that would reshape her world with nothing more than an Ultrabook. Her effort gave birth to this design project known as the Super Guitar Licks Rock Star Jacket, which currently falls under the prototype stage.

Basically, the Super Guitar Licks Rock Star Jacket functions as a denim jacket that is high tech as it has been fitted with LEDs that will respond to guitar music, lighting up whenever you play to create different patterns. Rock on!

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