Now this is an interesting bit of news that the China Daily has reported – that mighty Apple has been found guilty of copyright infringement in China, where they were accused of illegally publishing material by some of the most popular writers in the world’s most populous country. Now, we did talk about this story a few days ago, and the fine imposed on Apple will certainly do nothing to hurt their stock price, but there are implications of this copyright infringement.


Just what will this particular ruling mean for future lawsuits? It cannot be denied that copyright infringement in China is rampant, and to stamp it out would be a Herculean task. Still, this particular case shows that the Chinese government is not going to take this situation lying down, and are clamping down on piracy, although one cannot help but question the effectiveness of the rulings. Perhaps the government should work harder in squashing piracy once and for all regardless of the level.

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