Do you think that we are a nation who is obsessed with counting calories? After all, simple mathematics are supposed to follow, where one should burn more calories than one takes in order to lose weight. Well, we have long seen calories listed for the meal that we are about to partake, especially in the fast food realm, and it seems that the battle of the bulge is taking on a more prominent role, as additional restaurants and vending machines, in this case, will display calorie counts.


The thing is, displaying the amount of calories in that burger or chocolate bar that you have been craving for all this while might not even cause you to pause for a moment, and it seriously does make one wonder whether it will lead to us changing our eating habits. What do you think? Will vending machines that display calories actually work in trimming down the kind of food you take? Perhaps there should be some sort of touchscreen interactive display that shows off the effect of accumulated fat after a few years to scare you away…

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