I am quite sure that many of us had our minds blown away visually with the rich world found in Avatar, especially while watching the movie in 3D when it was first released a few years ago. Well, many movies have since jumped aboard the 3D bandwagon, but none really made a mark and had such a resonance in the industry than James Cameron’s outing. The whole idea of 3D viewing has also caught on in art exhibitions, where you can drop by Tianjin in China and have Mona Lisa reach out to touch you. Yes sir, how about having a Renaissance masterpiece be more interactive instead?


There is a slew of famous works of art as well as new additions to the art world which have been brought to life via an exhibit of 3D paintings that are currently on parade over at a shopping mall in Tianjin, where patrons will have their fair share of laughs as well as fun photo opportunities. If you drop by the Magic Art Special Exhibition at the Hangzhou Peace International Exhibition and Conference Center, there will be additional 3D paintings there, and you are in fact encouraged to interact with the works of art.

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