Before you jump from your seat and claim that the Laptop Compubody Sock is a rip-off from the Ostrich Pillow that has been turned into a Kickstarter project which was subsequently funded successfully, bear in mind that the Laptop Compubody Sock will target those who want to work in complete privacy, where a simple privacy filter on your monitor is not going to make the cut. As for the Ostrich Pillow, that makes for the ideal personal retreat as you take an afternoon siesta at the office.

Unfortunately for the world, the Laptop Compubody Sock is not yet a Kickstarter project, but rather, was hand-made by Becky Stern as part of a knitting project. She described it as “an eye-catching hoodie for your laptop to use in public spaces for warmth and privacy.” It will need to be knitted from scratch, so perhaps it is time to be a little bit extra nice to grandma as you drop hints and give her blueprints for your Christmas present this year. Hopefully it wears more comfortably than it looks!

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