It’s been over a year since Steve Jobs’ passing which sparked many Apple Stores around the world to be instant memorials as people made trips to their local stores in order to show their condolences. Memorials for Jobs still seem to be popping up, the latest one being located in St. Petersburg, Russia.

A six-foot tall interactive monument shaped like an iPhone 5 is being used to display photos and videos from key moments in Jobs’ life including famous speeches that also appear as text with translations available in a number of languages. And just like Apple’s iPhone, the monument’s display is a touchscreen which can be manipulated to select different parts of his biography.

A QR code is also located on the back of the monument that can take visitors to a specific website commemorating Jobs when scanned.

The monument can be seen in the courtyard of the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, that is, if you plan on being in Russia anytime soon. If not, then just take our word for it that it’s there.

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