Cyclists do not exactly have the highest survival rate on roads, even more so in countries where motorists tend to be a whole lot more reckless. Of course, one big issue when cycling in major road arteries would be the fact that bicycles do not come with indicators, leaving the job to the cyclist to indicate by hand, which can be quite dangerous at times especially when one has to also maintain a careful balance with vehicles on both sides. Enter this particular helmet concept known as DORA, as this direction-indicating bike helmet will be able to signal the rest whenever you are about to perform a turn. It functions in a similar manner as that or a car turn signal, and will function via Bluetooth by hooking up to an tiny system that is carefully installed on the bicycle’s handlebars.

All you need to do then, is to press a button and the corresponding “turn signal” on the helmet will get to work. Of course, this does not have any kind of automatic turn-off feature, so make sure that you will reset it once you have made that turn. This remains a concept as at press time, which means pricing and availability details remain unknown. Anyone want to bankroll this project?

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