With the reveal of the PlayStation 4 , and the upcoming reveal of the next-generation Xbox in April, we can expect our next-generation games to look very, very pretty as next-gen consoles are expected to push the boundaries of what’s currently available. With talk of next-gen games, the topic of pricing has come up and it isn’t good.

EA executive Blake Jorgensen spoke during a Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference saying he anticipates the cost of games to rise again with the PlayStation 4 and next-generation Xbox.

“I think, typically, at the start of a cycle, you’ve seen the pricing raise, say, to $69 for a core piece of software,” Jorgensen said. “And then over the life of those, that’s drifted down to introduction price, typically now around $59. We haven’t yet set pricing on our gen 4s, but you probably see a similar trend to that during the start of the next cycle.”

I personally already have trouble purchasing a brand-new game for $60+ due to the fact I don’t feel many games deserve that kind of money based on the experience I’ll have with it. If the next generation of games end up costing $70+, then I could easily see myself purchasing more used games or games that go on sale weeks after their released.

How about you? Do you believe $70 is just too much for games, especially when you consider future downloadable content?

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