For those of you who love mountain biking, perhaps you love the well tarred roads that are smooth as a baby’s bottom, and we also know of the excitement in riding down a mountain trail. But what about those stretches of loose snow or sand? Such terrain is not exactly the most conducive for riding, even with the large 2.75-inch tires, as they seem to have a tendency to sink in and get all bogged down. Which could be why California-based Pedego has rolled out an electric fatbike that they call the Trail Tracker.

The Trail Tracker will be different from the pedelecs which rely on electrical power in order to augment the rider’s pedal strokes, as this is entirely an e-bike, where you can choose to pedal without any help from its battery reserve, or to run it via motor power alone. The 48-volt 10Ah lithium-ion battery will be able to send you rolling down at 20 mph, retailing for $2,975 a pop.

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